Index of Essays

House cleaning of my web stuff is years over due (thousands of images and no structure -it was a logistical mess!).

The lengthier and more serious essays/writing will appear here. And soon.


Time to meet arguably the greatest essayist of the past century.

Francisco de Goya

Cometh the hour, Cometh the artist.

Old Trafford Football Ground

Old Trafford in Words & Pictures

A Thinking (Wo)Man’s Guide to Northern Soul, in four parts.

1: Northern Soul

Notes from the epicenter of Northern Soul’s Big Bang.

2: Richard Searling

Seven Years Hitching a Ride with a White Van Man ‘legend’.

3: Northern Soul Drugs

Notes from the DDA of Northern Soul’s pharmacy.

4: Northern Soul Dancing

A personal view of Northern Soul Dancing: what was, is and could’ve been.